The Cellar 

Every part of the cellar has been built from one generation of the Scamperle family to another, since the 1800s.

The Amphoras 

Our new clay amphoras are the most ancient way of preserving all wines, since Magna Grecia.

Nowadays they are artisanally made in Impruneta (Tuscany) and are perfect for preserving and ageing the wines, protecting them against oxidation. 

The natural bee wax internal in the clay, helps to avoid the wine's loss, outside the clay amphoras.  

The most ancient barrels 

We still use very rare ancient barrels dating from the beginning of the 1800s. They are made out of cement with glass inside.

History of the Cellar

Discover the old way of making wines, an old grapes crusher that was used by our great-grandfather. An old manual pump, a cork filler and other historical objects for winemaking. 

Ageing Process 

We use new American and French oak 225 liter barriques, which we change every 5 years, and Slavonian big tanks. 

Our wines are aged between 8 months and 3 years. The temperature and humidity is perfect for aging and they stay constant all year long.

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Cellar tour are by appointment only, you will discover how we make our wine, our history since the 1800s, and taste our wines.

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