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Vineyards in Fumane under Le Salette 




The Scamperle family has cultivated vineyards for generations. We have twenty hectares of vineyards located in the best areas of Valpolicella Classica. The grapes are indigenous: to this area - Corvina, Corvinone, Rondinella, Molinara, Oseleta, and Croatina. Our wine growing techniques are sustainable and never force nature’s hand, they follow its cycles to enhance the characteristics and originality of our soil in Valpolicella.



5.50 Hectares, Altitude 220-240 m asl, with NE exposureThe soil is mainly cretaceous, partially skeletal, and is rich in minerals. The area is well ventilated with fresh air in summer, which comes from the "Progni" valley; drought is rare. The vine growing system is Pergola.


4 Hectares, altitude 220 m asl, with NW exposure. The soil is cretaceous with a good presence of clay, rich in skeleton. The area is sunny and sheltered from the coldest currents. During winter, this area often has higher temperatures than the rest of the village. The area is well ventilated with fresh air in the summer, coming from the "Progni" valley, rare drought problems. The vine growing system and Pergola and Guyot.


3 Hectares, altitude 250-270 m asl, with SO exposure. The soil is calcareous with a very evident presence of a skeleton. The vineyard is sunny with good ventilation. The vine growing system:s are Pergola and Guyot.


4.00 Hectares, Altitude 230-250 m asl, with NE exposure. The soil is rich in ancient moraines. This kind of skeletal soil is named "Toar" in Italian. Perfect sun exposure, the area is moderately ventilated. The vine growing system are Pergola and Guyot.

Fumane Vineyards

The soil is ancient, from the cretaceous period. Rich in mineral and clay.  The vines' roots need to go deep into the ground to get the best nutrients and minerals. 

Our Cypress tree

At our vineyard in Fumane, we have one of the tallest and healthiest cypress trees in Italy. It is about 250 years old, 4.1 meters wide, with a height of 30 meters. Historically, it was right next to another cypress tree, which was cut during the second World War by some soldiers. The owner of the villa next to the tree came out and offered them a barrel of Recioto so they won't cut the beloved tree and they accept the offer.

In Valpolicella all the histories are connected to wine.

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