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Le Salette 

Let us tell you a beautiful story that took place in the hills of a tiny village, Fumane. The story is of a grace received: it was the year 1860 and the local farmers decided to build the sanctuary of Le Salette as a votive offering to Madonna when she freed their vineyards from the scourge of phylloxera. The sanctuary is located on top of the ancient rocks, and surrounded by hills and vineyards. The vineyards below the sacred sanctuary have always been the property of the Valpolicella's  "historical" winemaking family, Scamperle, who proudly produce the wine bearing Le Salette name. 


Theirs too is a beautiful story, which tells about decades of faithful farming and love for the land, and, above all, a passion for making wine. Indeed, for generations the Scamperle family has dedicated itself to growing grapes, and, over the years, to gradually increasing the number of grapevines. The vineyards have grown slowly and carefully, always respecting the local technique, which is sensitive to nature and follows its rhythm to bring out the originality and characteristics of the grapes. 


The enterprise, Le Salette, has never stopped developing their product, basing the essence of their life and activity, their unflagging quest, on patient research. And their goal has always been quality, a goal shared by the entire family. Today the family owns twenty cultivated hectares, situated among the most renowned places of the Valpolicella Classica DOC area: Fumane Cà Carnocchio, I Progni e Cà Melchiori, Sant'Ambrogio Conca D'Oro, and San Floriano Monte Masua. The type of grapes produced are the most classical types of the zone: Corvina, Corvinone, Rondinella, Oseleta, a small quantity of Molinara, and Croatina.


In a family business you never stop working; however, there is always time for a friend who drops in for a visit. The "Casa Scamperle" and "Le Salette" - have their doors always open: to excellence and to anyone who cares to pay them a visit.

The Family


Scamperle Family 

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